A Letter to Ryan

Dear Ryan,

I hope you’re doing well.

I got into college at UC Merced for Computer Science Engineering! It’s quite a ways away from San Clemente, but I’ve since gotten used to the drive. It’s about 270 miles, and just about the same distance from San Clemente to Las Vegas! I never knew what you majored in but I wondered if we could make conversation over medical robots and AI…

I changed a lot since your senior year. I’m a lot more outgoing, I crack selfless jokes and dry humor all the time. I see you in so many people in Merced, from all the jokes to simply being awesome. I thought about joining a fraternity, too. I saw you in your feed with FIGI and wanted to ask about it, because I’ve gotten so many different answers.

I really wish I had met you earlier, because you made light shine into my life for the short time we talked during your senior year, through Paris. I’m so happy you met her, because I knew how happy she made you, and you her. You left such a large mark in the drama program at San Clemente High, and the freshmen who met you miss you dearly.

Could you do me a favor and see if you can find my Lola? You never met her, but you’ll know her when you see her.

Love you brotha,


I’m sorry we lost touch after high school and I’m sorry none of us could see your pain. That’s the beautiful tragedy of someone like that – they make others feel special and loved, because they know what it’s like to be hurt, and to not want anyone to feel like that. I’ll miss you so much, but I hope you’re in the mercy of God’s light and love and free of any pain.

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